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U21 End of Season Showcase Concert

Mingles, 12870 Old Seward Highway #114, Anchorage

The Under 21 Open Mic program is wrapping up the 2018-19 season with a more formal showcase concert featuring some of the best young local performers of all genres/sorts! A listening room show with snacks. Tickets are $10 for non-performing audience members.

Event WILL sell out, so don't wait! GET TICKETS HERE: (

Performers were chosen from applications and we are THRILLED to announce the following artists will be involved: -Lucy Bean -Katie Scoggin -Hannah Klemm -Olivia Rushing -Wailing Pigeons

A professional photographer will document the night, and we will honor the 2018-19 season management team members who were instrumental in making this open mic season such a success.

Come celebrate Anchorage youth with us!

Music Co-op Performers

When you think of Alaska, you may think of isolation, of cold frozen mountain-scapes or landscapes so large that humans are easily lost in their scope. But Alaska’s really more of an incubator, a network of fiercely independent communities that look inward to find strength and inspiration. That’s what songwriter and American roots musician Anna Lynch found coming from Berkeley, California to the Last Frontier when she was a kid on frequent family visits. Performs for Anchorage Music Co-op 11/20/14.


belongs to The Dirty Hands which could mostly be described by fermented grapes and pork products. Performs for Anchorage Music Co-op 11/20/14.


NELLIE CLAY This original and sincere collection of music includes waltzes and love songs, empowering beats, a little bit of booze, a few good laughs, and at least one good cry. Inspired in many ways, from my years living a simple life in rural Alaska, I hope the sounds of the pedal steel, piano, and fiddle take you back in time through campfires and woods, and leave you in a saloon somewhere with a song in your heart. Performs for Anchorage Music Co-op 11/20/14 and 10/25/12.

SPIFF CHAMBERS:: Parlor In The Round 10/23/14
Midwesterner living in Anchorage with Cole and Milo. I used to play solo a lot. Not any more. Mostly play around South Central AK with my good friends. Played with a lot of locals, and opened for some really great musicians. Lots of talent and inspiration around here and although AK is huge, the community of musicians and advocates up here is small and wonderful.
Performed for Anchorage Music Co-op 10/23/14 and 8/23/12.

HANNAH YOTER::Parlor In The Round 10/23/14
Hannah Yoter is well versed in the language of acoustic music. She has a musical prowess and repertoire that span generations. Growing up in Alaska she began playing guitar at a young age and was exposed to a variety of music covering most of the folk world. After high school Hannah decided to leave Alaska for North Carolina and pursue music even further. In North Carolina she found herself immersed in and inspired by the old time Appalachian music tradition. Hannah played and traveled with multiple bands while in the South and found a new love for song writing. In early 2013 Hannah moved back to Alaska to try her hand at the Alaska music scene.

JONATHAN BOWER:: Parlor In The Round 10/23/14
"Elegies, little victories, and masterful storytelling...[These songs] weave beautiful, forlorn tales in a matter of minutes, with a defiant note of hope." - Jeri Kopet


October Artist Showcase
Monica Lettner, John Donkersloot, Nellie Clay

September Artist Showcase
Kevin Worrell, Sjofn, Josh Fryfogle

August Artist Showcase
Spiff and Melissa Mitchell

July Artist Showcase
Jared Woods


HOT CLUB OF NUNAKA:: June Artist Showcase
Nunaka Valley's finest Gypsy Jazz Ensemble.


Emma Hill:: 2011 May Artist Showcase

Meg Mackey Band: 2011 April Artist Showcase

EVAN PHILLIPS:: 2011 March Artist Showcase
Evan Phillips has scaled mountains, both literally and figuratively. Having discovered a passion for climbing shortly after picking up his first guitar, most of his spare time would soon be spent ascending mountains and seeking out greater heights. It wasn’t until Phillips was 27 and injured that he found his way back to music.


KASS SMILEY:: 2011 February Artist Showcase
If you like outrageously off color humor and American made Folk-Rock guitar licks, you will like this twisted shaved version of Ani DIfranco. A life long Alaskan, you can find Kass Smiley supporting artists at local Anchorage events, and appearing at stand up comedy shows all over Alaska. She has won two Alaskan comedy competitions, some as the only woman.


MELISSA MITCHELL, SETH BOYER and EMMA HILL:: 2011 January Artist Showcase


MARIAN CALL:: 2011 December Music Co-op Pre Launch Show
Singer-songwriter Marian Call is grounded in Alaska, though she spends a lot of the year on the road.  She has released five albums since 2007, and her shows have been well-received in all fifty United States and all across Canada and Europe.  Call’s sound is soulful, honest, and clever, by turns humorous and heartbreaking. She sounds a little like Joni Mitchell & Ani DiFranco raising the love child of Ingrid Michaelson & Regina Spektor.  She can often be found on the road singing and working hard, yet despite her frequent travels she stays rooted at home in Alaska for inspiration.

Other Happenings

If you are a local musician, please let us know you're here! We are currently collecting local music for broadcast on 106.1FM (KONR). If you are interested in any of the following, please send an email to
  • We are currently developing a new radio show focused on interviewing local musicians and bands. Please contact us if you're interested in being interviewed.
  • The Under 21 Open Mic always needs help. Are you a local musician that would like to host one night? Run sound? Set up/break down?
  • Do you have educational content that can be developed into a workshop? We would like to help you make this event a success.
  • Are you interested in volunteering for events with our collaborative partners: Spenard Jazzfest and Collaborative Minds. Send us an email.

Past Shows


October Artist Showcase
Monica Lettner, John Donkersloot, Nellie Clay

September Artist Showcase
Kevin Worrell, Sjofn, Josh Fryfogle

August Artist Showcase
Spiff and Melissa Mitchell

July Artist Showcase
Jared Woods

June Artist Showcase
Hot Club of Nunaka

May Artist Showcase
Emma Hill

April Artist Showcase
Meg Mackey Band

March Artist Showcase
Evan Phillips

February Artist Showcase
Kass Smiley

January Artist Showcase
Melissa Mitchell, Seth Boyer, Emma Hill

December Music Co-op Pre Launch Show
Marian Call