What goes around: Parlor in the Round gives musicians and audiences a chance to play 

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By Chris Bieri -- The Alaska Dispatch
December 18, 2014

The audience roared and cackled with laughter between the verses as they joined a trio of musicians in counting down the “12 Days of Alaskan Christmas,” through “nine fat-tire bikes” and “eight cars a-crashing.”

On stage, Tatiana Agnew grabbed her trombone and belted out a few notes of the melody as the song came to a rollicking conclusion with “an ounce of recreational weed,” subbing for “a partridge in a pear tree.”


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This ain’t your mom’s Arctic Entries 

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By Katie Medred -- The Anchorage Press
December 10, 2014

Parlor in the Round provides a new avenue for the local music, storytelling experience. Musician Kevin Worrell chuckles as he explains the environment he’s wandered into. Alone at the Hilton Anchorage Hotel, the affable local personality jokes about the number of taxidermied animal heads peering at him from the hotel walls. Worrell is at the Hilton to speak at a work-related event. He’s on the phone to explain his…Read more

Anchorage Music Co-op = Musicians + Audiences ... 

Anchorage Music Co-op = Musicians + Audiences + Venues
By Kathleen McCoy, KSKA - Anchorage | April 26, 2013 - 1:00 pm

The story of the Anchorage Music Co-op is like a feverish start up. After two years of experiments and important lessons, it has hit its stride as both an incubator for budding musicians and a just-right arctic greenhouse for established performers hungry for a listening audience. It’s the kind of grassroots organization that nurtures a local music scene out of love and passion, and from…Read more

Firefly to play Anchorage Music Co-op 

Firefly to play Anchorage Music Co-op's artist showcase

By Chad Walker — Anchorage Daily News

Anchorage, AK — The Anchorage Music Co-op is back up and running and settled into its new venue, Fiori D'Italia's Quonset hut (formerly the Garden of Eatin), located at 2502 McRae Road in Spenard. The group's monthly artist showcase is putting Firefly, the acoustic duo of Chris Snyder and Nici Peper, on stage Saturday, Feb. 16, at 7 p.m.

Tickets are $5, with only 40 of them available. If you and your amigos…Read more

Anchorage Music Co-op has a new home 

The Anchorage Music Co-op formed a year ago and started the Artist Showcase Series, offering music created by Alaskans to audiences of all ages. "Anchorage has a happening music scene right now" said Laura Oden, a co-founder of the organization, which looks to combine "the best musicians with a small venue to create a listening room unique in Anchorage."

Last year the music was at the Out North Contemporary Art House, which put locals like Evan Phillips, Meg Mackey and Hot Club of Nunaka on stage. After a…Read more

Going co-op: Local musicians looking for strength 

The Anchorage Music Co-op formed in the spring of 2011, with an online Facebook group that's already become the go-to social networking site for organizing and communicating among Anchorage's musicians and venues. Now, with the launch of the Artist Showcase Series, co-op organizers are looking to draw in the first official members. They hope to gather enough momentum to expand what the co-op is capable of doing for the local music scene. (Full article)
By Mary Lochner, Anchorage Press

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